Weddings and Christenings


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Weddings are held in all three of our church buildings. To find out more or to make a booking please contact Rev Richard: 07508823512,

To find out more about getting married in a Church of England Church, visit

Christenings  (Services when people are baptised)

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At a christening service, we publicly acknowledge God’s love for us, and in return, we commit to loving and serving God in our lives. So, when people are baptised at a Christening service, they become members of the Church, the worldwide family of Christians – people who are followers of Jesus Christ.

People of all ages can be baptised. However, young children are unable to make these commitments for themselves and so parents and godparents make them on the child’s behalf, promising to help them grow as Christians until they are old enough to make their Baptism vows their own.

If you are thinking about a christening service for your child in the Church of England in Ollerton & Boughton, we invite you to come to an informal ‘Christening Enquiry session.’ These are usually held on the third Saturday of the month in St Paulinus Community Centre and Church Hall and last for about 1 hour. Here you will have an opportunity to explore what being baptised means so you can decide if that’s what you wish for you and your child. If you decide it is, we can then book a Christening Service. Baptisms take place in all three of our church buildings. Alternatively you may wish to choose a more informal thanksgiving service for the gift of your child.

For more info, or to find out when the next Christening Enquiry Session is, contact Rev Richard: 07508823512,